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Jobs on offer at delivery company

Delivery company Tuffnells has pledged to guarantee anyone out of work because of Covid19 an interview, as it looks to hire more than 100 new warehouse workers and lorry drivers.

Tuffnells has roles available at depots across its whole network including Birmingham. This is because of the extra demand on its delivery service and a need to cover those absent due to sickness, self-isolation and dependent leave, as it looks to support businesses and customers adapting to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

It’s looking to hire more than 100 warehouse and lorry drivers with the relevant qualifications and experience. Details regarding the positions can be found here

Michael Holt, CEO of Tuffnells, says the whole supply chain is facing an unprecedented challenge and businesses like Tuffnells needs to hire more staff to cope with demand: “It’s been an extremely difficult period for us all no matter where you are or what you do for work. The sheer rise in demand for goods in the recent weeks means we are working extremely hard to deliver the supplies businesses and customers need to operate as best they can considering the circumstances.

“Unfortunately, due to Covid19’s impact on the economy, many hard working and extremely skilled individuals have found themselves without work, through no fault of their own. That’s why we have made this pledge so it gives people with the relevant skills in the locations where we have roles the opportunity to bounce back quickly.”

Tuffnells is part of The Connect Group which also owns Smiths News.

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