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Health-tech catalyst benefits from global alliance

A Midlands-based Catalyst which brings together healthcare providers, technology companies and public sector organisations to provide digital solutions for the sector, is to benefit from a new global alliance with Vodafone.  

Deloitte’s Health Tech Catalyst will be working with the newly-formed Vodafone Centre for Health with Deloitte which aims to enable greater access to healthcare for all.  

Created to accelerate the adoption of connected healthcare across Europe, the virtual centre will bring together Vodafone’s connected health solutions with Deloitte’s healthcare consulting experience to enable many more people to access healthcare when and where they need it, and will link with the Catalyst to expediate the innovation of med-tech companies in the region and across the UK. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has not only highlighted the importance of connectivity to deliver critical healthcare services, but also a need for new technologies to simplify access to healthcare for both patients and healthcare professionals,” says Gus Miah, Deloitte’s Risk Advisory lead partner for health in the Midlands and Health Tech Catalyst lead. 

“The Health Tech Catalyst already works with pioneering med-tech companies, entrepreneurs and technology companies to connect research and industry with healthcare professionals, and the alliance will add new capabilities and expertise to an already thriving sector. 

“The Vodafone Centre for Health with Deloitte will work alongside the Health Tech Catalyst’s innovators to connect mobile solutions and new technologies with 5G to deliver solutions at scale. This is an exciting new development for the region and we cannot wait to see how the relationship will progress over the coming months,” said Gus. 

Vodafone already connects more than 20 million healthcare devices globally through IoT, AI, 5G and Edge Computing to the healthcare sector and will connect with Deloitte’s skilled professionals working on the rapid adoption of cutting-edge digital solutions. 

Katrina Lowes, head of Vodafone Centre for Health with Deloitte, said: “The strategic alliance will not only act as an accelerator of digital solutions to support the transformation of healthcare services, but will enable access to innovators in this space through the Health Tech Catalyst. 

“As a digital enabler, we want to bring Vodafone’s technology and platforms, coupled with Deloitte’s depth of sector experience, to support the digitalisation of hospitals, telemedicine, virtual medical consultations, and remote solutions.  

“The Health Tech Catalyst will provide greater access to research and innovations and expediate their route to market.  Over the next two decades healthcare as we know it will completely transform and collaborating with drivers of change such as the Catalyst, will enable the alliance to provide digital solutions which will make a positive impact to the societies we work within.” 

Deloitte’s Health Tech Catalyst currently works with a large number of organisations within the Midlands and across the UK to accelerate new technologies into frontline care.