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Edgbaston welcomes new hi-tech screen

Edgbaston has unveiled new in-bowl LED technology – including a 78 square metre digital scoreboard – as part of a push to further enhance its customer experience.

The state-of-the-art Upper West scoreboard is almost 17-metres wide and, at 6mm per pixel, is more than four times the resolution of the outgoing screen.

With a 32 x 9 super-wide display it affords more room for match action and other video content to be shown, plus increased split-screen capability.

And it’s been complemented with LED ribbons totalling more than 150 metres in length, with 91m across tier three of the Pavilion and 61m on the Wyatt Stand.

Fabian Cook, head of stadium production, said: “We’re thrilled to have delivered the new LED upgrade across Edgbaston. This state-of-the-art LED is a significant step forward in displaying Edgbaston’s technological development and showcasing an exciting vision for audio-visual delivery.

“We're focussed on delivering the best possible customer experience. Last year we recorded the best Vitality Blast customer experience results of all grounds in the country, and we’re confident this development will be well received by spectators.  

“This project has also opened significant commercial opportunities. I’m grateful to all stakeholders involved through the project stages, as well as ADI who have maintained and further proven their high standards across the LED and sports industry.”

Edgbaston operations director Claire Daniel said: “The previous scoreboard was installed with the new Pavilion back in 2011. It served us well but technology was in a different place back then and LED has come on a long way.

“The new scoreboard was introduced to give better coverage and by making it larger means more spectators in the ground can see it and stay on top of the action, plus watch our video content during breaks of play.”