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Narinder joins property agency

A former special constable has joined an independent property agency in Birmingham to support her colleagues and their clients throughout the region.

Narinder Kaur has joined KWB as a property manager, after spending three years at the local office of real estate specialists Colliers.

“I enjoyed my time there, working on commercial and residential properties for the Central England Co-operative, but thought I'd now got enough experience for a more senior role,” she said.

“At KWB, I will predominantly be dealing with management issues, but also assisting with support for new leases, reviews, and working directly with clients. I think of myself as a 'people person', so am really looking forward to taking on those new responsibilities.”

One element of Narinder's role at the Newhall Street agents will be advising clients on security-related matters, for which she's well suited given her time as a special constable with West Midlands Police.

“It came about quite by chance. I'd worked ten years in finance with HFC, which is now part of HSBC, and hadn't considered any form of volunteering until I was reading a book about domestic violence. When I saw how the specials were used in the community, and the different responsibilities they had, I applied to WMP, completed the training, and signed on.” 

Narinder enjoyed her work, particularly when supporting mothers and children taking shelter in a women's refuge, but her own family commitments eventually forced her to relinquish the role of special constable, though she did add British Sign Level 1 to her CV.

“I might only use it occasionally, but it might just make the difference when trying to communicate with someone whose hearing is impaired,” she said. “Once I've settled in to KWB, I'll also be going back to college to add to my professional qualifications.”